Manage community assets with LOUIS Assets

For recording service requests, scheduling repairs or using community information for spatial or capital planning, LOUIS Assets is a great solution. Created through ongoing consultation with First Nations communities from across Canada, LOUIS Assets is designed to meet your community's needs.

Improve capital planning with easy access to relevant information
hierarchical structure
Simplify tenant management with accurate historical information
Use the integrated GIS functions to assist with housing site selection
Improve efficiency of everyday operations with printable and mobile forms

Manage Your Schedule

  • System calendar can be shared with your personal calendar
  • Customize your account to have LOUIS send email reminders
Dashboard Calendar

Record and Use Water and Sewer Connections

  • Define relationships between assets as water sources and sewage sinks
  • View water potability based on water asset relationships
  • Add water advisories and identify affected assets easily
Water System Connections

Track Condition and Expenses Over Time

  • Add deficiencies and condition updates through dedicated and informal inspections
  • Staff from other departments can notify you of problems they find
  • All expenses are linked to accounting codes for accurate budget tracking
Condition Chart

Support Your Field Staff

  • Customized printable forms for staff uncomfortable with technology
  • Mobile forms for field staff who are comfortable with technology
Printable Form

Join a growing number of communities who are collecting and using their community's information to make decisions.