A powerful and easy-to-use mobile and web GIS solution for regular folks

With mobile data capture and editing, LOUIS Spatial is great for a many mapping projects. LOUIS Spatial connects the rest of the LOUIS Toolkit and can connect to external data sets too. Users can conduct spatial analyses of the data and produce decent looking maps for printing easily.

Mobile Device
Collect data or edit data in the field
Image Gallery
Keep photos and media linked to features
Secure Phone
Protect privacy of records and fields
Share Data
Share data is easily and securely

GIS Data Made Easier

  • Define layers and their fields
  • Add new records quickly
  • Review data before it is used
  • Control access easily, including for mobile data collection
Layers Map View


  • Search by any layer or field quickly
  • Combine multiple search terms together
  • Save searches for easy reuse
Layers Search


  • Combine data using standard GIS vector analysis methods
  • Select and rename attributes
  • Re-run analyses when the source data changes
  • Use the results to create maps or in other analyses

Training and Support

  • Work with our team to configure the system to match your needs
  • Receive training customized to match your needs
  • Built-in help with video tutorials
  • Contact us by phone or email for quick assistance
  • Optional data design and analysis support services are available


  • Use any spatial data accessible to LOUIS as a map layer
  • Tell your story with clear thematic data display of you data
  • Download PDF versions for sharing and printing

Join a growing number of communities who are collecting and mapping their community's information to make decisions.