LOUIS Heritage

Cultural Data with Context

Indigenous Knowledge information is always shared by knowledge holders with context. Many modern approaches to recording this knowledge reduces it to features on a map without context. LOUIS Heritage is stores the text, audio, video, photos and map features together to ensure that the data is an accurate representation of the shared knowledge and context is preserved. Once in the system, this information can be searched extensively and the context of areas of use is always available.

Secure Storage

Each part of each interview has its own privacy setting to enable that private information is kept private. Similarly participant information can be protected when making maps and reports to promote community perspectives.

Intuitive Organisation and Flexible Design

LOUIS Heritage organises information by Projects to match real world research projects. With those projects interviews are the next level of organisation and can have or more many participants depending on the nature of the project. 

Within projects, custom coding for Use and Occupancy types of research, but other options such as times of year, use periods and custom fields can be defined to address other study designs.

Mobile Support and Easy Import of Existing Data

Data can be collected using our mobile app as well as existing data can be easily imported to ensure that past work is incorporated.

Named Places

Places with Indigenous names are good indicators of long-term occupancy. LOUIS Heritage provides the means to record these appropriately and link them to interviews and use their often multi-lingual synonyms for effective searching.

Learn More

To learn more about LOUIS Layers and how the LOUIS Toolkit can help your community please contact the LOUIS team via our contact page.