LOUIS Referrals

Designed for your Community's Needs

LOUIS Referrals is a highly flexible and easy-to-use solution to manage consultation and land referrals. With LOUIS Referrals you can configure the system to match your regulatory environment and your internal needs.

LOUIS Referrals is process oriented and consists of two main parts:


  • Templates define consultation or referral review processes that match the communities needs
  • Templates are a series of steps created with an easy to use GUI
  • The content of each step is entirely customizable and configured without any programming
  • Step types include file uploads, GIS processing, form letters, emails, map creation and much more
  • Communities can create multiple templates to manage different types of projects differently
  • Templates can be easily copied and modified as needed


  • Processes are the actual referral reviews or consultation activities that are guided by the community templates
  • The system can be configured to allow external proponents, community staff or both to start a new process
  • Staff assign new processes to a template and a user
  • When processes are assigned potential duplicates are identified both using spatial overlap and reference key values
  • When processes are run, users can track communications, time and expenses
  • Process progress is actively be tracked and displayed