LOUIS Map Biographer

Conduct In-Person Interviews and Import Old Studies

LOUIS Map Biographer is a free plug-in for QGIS to enable effective and reliable capture of direct-to-digital in-person map interviews. LOUIS Map Biographer also connects to LOUIS Heritage for analysis and long-term storage.

LOUIS Map Biographer has two main modules:

LMB Manager

  • Create and define projects and their content, time of year and user period codes
  • Add QGIS projects and set base and reference layers
  • Create and edit participant and interview details
  • Download new blank interviews and upload transcribed interviews to LOUIS Heritage
  • Export data to common GIS formats

LMB Collector

  • Conduct interview and record audio and map features simultaneously
  • Review and transcribe completed interviews
  • Import old or paper based interviews and format them for import into LOUIS Heritage