LOUIS Heritage

Secure Integrated Storage and Analysis

LOUIS Heritage lets communities store, manage and use all their Traditional Knowledge information together. LOUIS Heritage is easy to use and keeps communities in control to preserve, protect and promote their Traditional Knowledge and values.

LOUIS Heritage is organized as follows:


  • Organize your interviews and field trips to match real world TLU/TK projects
  • Control access to projects on a user by user basis
  • Create custom fields as needed
  • Information from interviews and field trips, map features, audio, video, text and photos, are stored and used together.

Named Places

  • This list of places or areas are stored with multiple names and their geographic feature
  • Named places can be associated with interview or field trip contents to facilitate searching and identification of use patterns

Topics and Keywords

  • Create multi-lingual hierarchies to analyze single projects or across multiple projects

Search and Maps

  • Search by participant attributes, place names, coding or interview contents
  • Create custom maps from search results