LOUIS Community Atlas

Creating an educational web map from Traditional Knowledge with text, photos, audio and video used to be a time consuming process. LOUIS Community Atlas transforms this from a task taking weeks into minutes.

Step 1 - Select the Information

Using the powerful search functionality in LOUIS Heritage, a user can select information from particular participants or information on a particular them. LOUIS Community Atlas lets users treat the results of each search as a layer of information that can be exported. Similarly entire interviews or field trips can be exported as a layer of information. Private and personal information are hidden by default so that sensitive information is not exposed by mistake.

Step 2 - Set the Level of Detail

Once a layer is selected, the user decides what details, such as text, audio, video and so on are exported for that layer. The level of detail for each layer can be set separately. Users also set a colour theme for each layer and a name.

Step 3 - Create the Atlas

Once the layers are set and the Atlas is given a name, clicking on export executes a background process where maps, text, and multimedia are extracted from LOUIS Heritage and combined into a simple web site that can be hosted in minutes. A zip file archive is created for download.

Step 4 - Host it Anywhere

Once you download the archive, this can be sent to your IT team. For internal use these sites can even be used with Mozilla Firefox without a web server. If you don't have hosting capabilities contact us and the LOUIS Team can help.

 Community Atlas