Flexible, Comprehensive and Secure

The LOUIS Toolkit is flexible and comprehensive data management solution designed for indigenous communities. The LOUIS Toolkit has modules for Asset Management, Consultation, Indigenous Knowledge and Spatial Information. Flexibility exists in each of the modules to ensure that users can configure the system to meet their needs. The LOUIS Toolkit also uses a data security model that requires explicit sharing so that users only can view and manipulate the information they need. The LOUIS Toolkit security model also allows for selective data sharing between departments so that all users have access to up-to-data information. 

Easy to Use and Supported

We know that not all staff are trained GIS technicians or data managers so we have created tools that are easy to use. In addition to formal training and support from the LOUIS team, we are working with Indigenous organisations and communities to connect users with each other to provide additional layers of support. 

Best Value

The LOUIS Toolkit is the most capable solution and the most flexible solution but it is also very affordable. The LOUIS Toolkit's combination of ease of use, power, flexibility and affordability make it the best value option for Indigenous communities.