LOUIS Referrals

Designed for your Community's Needs

LOUIS Referrals is a highly flexible and easy-to-use solution to manage consultation and land referrals. With LOUIS Referrals you can configure the system to match your regulatory environment and your internal needs.

LOUIS Referrals allow you to manage proposals effectively as well as track expenses and create invoices.

LOUIS Referrals is process oriented and consists of two main parts:


Templates are created to guide the consultation process. Communities create the steps and their content in the order they desire.


When a proponent submits a proposal via the web portal or if a community staff person enters the proposal for them, community staff pick a template and go through the steps to evaluate the proposal.

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To learn more about LOUIS Referrals or about how the LOUIS Toolkit can help your community contact the LOUIS team via our contact page.