LOUIS Layers

Flexible Web GIS

LOUIS Layers is a flexible web GIS tool designed to complement the other LOUIS Toolkit modules. LOUIS Layers provides the means for communities to integrate any other type of vector spatial data from a variety of sources include wildlife monitoring, site visits or infrastructure.

Add and Edit Content Easily

Each layer has it own set of properties (attributes or fields) that are defined by the user. Once a layer is defined new points, lines or areas can be added easily.

Work with Local and Remote Data

Within LOUIS Layers many community layers of information can be created and managed, but LOUIS Layers also allows users to connect to remote sources of information (Web Feature Services). Similarly communities can connect to user defined base map services (Web Map Services)

Search and Map

LOUIS also provides a powerful search engine to search for data in any layer or module and then use the results to create custom maps.

Learn More

To learn more about LOUIS Layers and how the LOUIS Toolkit can help your community please contact the LOUIS team via our contact page.